Kristoff - **SOLD**

Kristoff is such a sweet, laid back snuggle monster. He is the first to fall asleep on his back with chaos all around. He is such a calm soul with an "I love everyone" fun-loving personality. He loves baths and enjoys being groomed, he will even sit still enough for me to trim the fur around his eyes. Kristoff has a gorgeous double coat that is as soft as a cloud. His eyes are a striking soft turquoise color, I've never seen anything like it! This fluffy polar bear loves to be carried like a baby, and is waiting to come home with you! His pigment is blue and coat color is white with a tiny bit of a cream around his eyes and ear tips - and those eyes! Born Sept. 6, 2014. Estimated adult weight is 7-8 lbs. $1800 AKC Registered - Limited (sold as a pet only)