Our Sires and Ladies



Simba is a gorgeous golden liver Imperial Shih Tzu that is a charismatic and handsome boy beloved by all of the children in our neighborhood. This boy has the stellar qualities that we look for in our breeding program: solid, balanced conformation, a luxuriant, golden double coat and those heart-stoppingly soulful eyes! He is the athlete in our pack, and loves to bound around the backyard - but will never miss a chance to snuggle on your lap, where he fits just fine! Simba's pedigree comes to us from “Got Shih Tzu?” from Los Angeles. He weighs in at 7.5 lbs.


Candido is a gorgeous and very rare all white with blue points Imperial Shih Tzu, hailing from Full House Shih Tzu in Virginia. It took us over a year of research and inquiry, but we are thrilled that Candido has joined our program. Candido is remarkable for his mellow, intuitive, companion focused temperament that has made the Shi Tzu famous across the world. While Candido demonstrates his intense desire to remain close to the human pack by shadowing us quietly around the house, we look forward to perpetuating his laid-back temperament, intense dog-human connection, goofy sense of humor, and special coloring to his offspring. Candido weighs 7 lbs.



Amazing Mom and super snuggler, Nahla never ceases to surprise us with her astonishing patience and dedication with the younger pack--both of the canine and human variety! The stunningly beautiful "Nahla" came to us from Blossom Tree Shih Tzu and boasts a noteworthy pedigree in addition to good looks and a gentle temperament. She is a worthy consort for both of our stud dogs "Simba" and "Candido". We just love Nahla! She is so calm, affectionate, and intelligent, with such expressive and compelling eyes that it almost seems that she can speak! Nahla truly epitomizes the Shih Tzu in temperament, beauty, and sincere willingness to please. Nahla is a rare lavender in color Shih Tzu, and her adult weight is 7 lbs.


The striking "Premier Shih Tzu’s Princess" is one of those special Shih Tzu’s who resonates with everyone who meets her. I fell in love with her the moment I held her after she was born! If there were a Shih Tzu Beauty Pageant, Princess would take the "Miss Congeniality" title with no contest! Princess is calm, thoughtful, and gentle, but is by no means above a silly romp with the other dogs! She loves her stuffed toys which she often carries around the house. Princess is another rare Lavender colored Shih Tzu, like her mom Nahla, with huge hazel/honey eyes that speak volumes about her kind, wise, and loving nature. Princess weighs 5 lbs soaking wet!